Windborne Productions, Inc. has been in existence since July, 1990 and we began developing Web sites and Internet applications in 1995. We have created sites for corporate customers ranging from small, independently owned firms to multi-billion dollar corporations and all sizes in between. We have extensive experience in writing e-commerce applications including real-time credit card verification, online ordering carts, registration applications, ordering storage, client-controlled administration, SQL database applications and client specific application creation. Our programmers currently write in PERL, PHP, C, Shell Scripts, Flash, Java, JavaScript, DHTML, HTML and XML. Our graphics capabilities are also top notch. We incorporate state-of-the-art graphic applications and hardware including Macs, PCs and SGI machines. As an added benefit we also host many of our client's Web sites on our own servers utilizing the latest in Unix Web and application server technology. In 2001 we began offering Internet and Network Security consulting.

Windborne Productions, Inc.
P.O. Box 10166
Virginia Beach, VA 23450-0166

757-481-3431 FAX

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