Windborne's most recent service offering is Internet and network security. Our Security division, headed by Unix system and security specialist , is geared toward protecting the corporate environment networks and Internet connections. With over 13 years experience in Unix System Administration and Security, Branson's expertise is wide ranging. His department will assist your company in all aspects of corporate network security including auditing, cold and cooperative network footprinting, Policies and Procedure creation and implementation, IT staff evaluation, network vulnerability evaluation and elimination, ongoing network monitoring, reporting and more. Call or us for more information.

Windborne Secure Unix Server
Using both Open Source and third party software, we have developed the Windborne Secure Unix Server. This server sits in front of the corporate network and is equipped to handle Firewall, Network Address Translation (NAT), Virus Scanning, Intrusion and DOS Alerts, Full Mail Services with Virus Scanning Inbound and Outbound, Content Filtering available using both built in or third party applications and more. It even comes with VPN services built in. For more information on the Windborne Secure Unix Server, call or us and we'll send you further details about this exceptional offering.

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